Want a good internship? But, Are you ready for it?

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1     The Great Indian Internship Race

On the onset of summers, every undergrad is hoping for a good internship (industrial experience) or already has one. Since past few years, internships have become popular in India with the changing scenario of industry-needs and a grapple for jobs. A student from mid-ranger institute has a lot more effort to do to stand out in the crowd of 10 lakh (1 Million) engineering undergraduates across the Indian sub-continent. It takes a lot to catch up with the desired skills and aptitude required for a good intern placement.

2     Internships – A fame factor

It is very obvious from the web and social network picture, what popularity internship is gaining in India. Internshala being one of the first websites that documented internship opportunities, followed by Twenty19, LetsIntern, InternGhar, BestInternship and a whole lot more..

Students fancy internships like a prize. If someone is doing it in a good place, say Quallcomm, Siemens, ONGC, LinkedIn, etc., it is considered to be fame worthy. Indeed, they have achieved a good spot, but it’s not all about fame, rather an opportunity to build yourself and gain some valid experience.

It’s not always about where you are doing the internship, what you are doing on the ground level is more important. The name or brand that sticks to you will hang only till it lasts or you keep up with it. You can do a whole lot better with a small name and great stuff behind the scenes.

3      A 2014 and 2013 internships survey by internships.com has revealed a lot of facts about trends globally. So, based on their question WHO GETS HIRED? We have here top 6 things we’d like to discuss in the average Indian scenario.


3.1   Interview performance

Most good organisations/institutes/companies do an interview of you before hiring you as their intern. They evaluate you on technical, general and social aptitude. Mostly they are interested if you are capable of doing the project that will be assigned to you. The assessment will be closer to the project’s fundamental requirement of skills.

If students are not able to crack the interviews, it is because of reasons in control of them, like lack of relevant experience (projects, etc.), preparedness, and a bad resume (that will stop you getting through the primary step of application process).

While reaching to the interview is a good indication that you are capable of the job but not the assurance that you will.

Do your research and evaluate yourself, where you belong and what is your current status. If the results tell that you are under-skilled or outrun in any area, especially fundamental technical skills, acquire them before looking for any action.

3.2   Relevant Experience

As said in the Interview Experience section, relevant experience is a highly preferred skill. A student who has already worked on Image Processing and has several projects or an undergoing project on it is what Adobe would want to hire. Because Image Processing skills may match to the skills and experience required for the internship profile of Adobe.

If you haven’t done any projects, forget about getting an internship where you’ll get any good projects to work on. Period.

Validity of Projects: Your projects should meet good academic standards. A fair play is what sells, copy-paste turn in would do no good to you, probably you’ll attain a bad reputation.

Again research the topic what projects an undergrad like you should do that are appreciable with regard to global academic standards.

Relevant experience also means if you’ve done any prior internship or training.


3.3   Strong resume / cover letter

Resume stands third on the list both in 2013 and 2014 internship.com surveys. But being third doesn’t mean that you should under-estimate its gravity.

Think, what is the employer going to get when you apply for an internship or training? Bingo! Your resume and the covering letter. What does it mean then? The resume will decide if you will be shortlisted for the further process or rejected!

There are a lot of resources on the internet and it takes a lot of effort to make a strong resume.

Three key areas you should work on:

  1. How is the resume strong?: Your skills, performance and experience makes it strong.
  2. Does it have to be beautiful like a doll? : Again, yes! The readability, layout, lines, fonts, order, every single thing counts.
  3. Language: It’s a little un-obvious, but if you fare well in communicating through your words, you are good as green! English is the language of business. A structured, planned, targeted resume and selection of proper words is essential.

Resume is all about you communicating to your employer, the only thing absent is you are not present in person. So, resume does all the talking. If you do this well, you are through the first step.

3.4   Academic performance

  • So what if you are an average performer a 6/10 CGPA is all that you can do?
  • Can you still prove yourself?
  • Do you have good reasons for being not so good in college studies?
  • What did you do if not get good marks?
  • Are you blaming your college for that?

These questions need to be answered by you to yourself.

Why being good at academics is SO IMPORTANT to employers, it’s a mix of basically two things: One, that helps them sort and filter applicants and Two, most important is that it tells your attitude towards your life and career.

If you are concerned about learning, growing, making a good career. You’ll definitely study, and apart from the cases where you have joined a course that you didn’t like or mean to (apart from this: Eg. A student interested in Civil Engineering joining Computer Science, but doing for the sake of a degree). You’ve joined the branch or course mostly because you wanted to do it. Now, why has your interested deviated from it and you are not faring well in that? You college doesn’t have faculty or the right environment, that’s a good reason, but not good enough. Will you not fetch water from a little far if your home goes dry because the pipeline is not working? Complaining attitude is disregarded in professional area.

Efforts, if made are visible. Have a valid reason for average performance like being busy doing a research project and not some other lousy excuses.

3.5   References

References means the people who know you, your work and who can validate if you are a true-true candidate or just boasting on resume. Your references ought to be someone with credentials like Professors who taught you or were project guide, or manager you’ve worked under as intern.

A person who is held highly by people may get you through even without you being going through the application process. It gets you the job straight. But, that is not very likely with everyone.

References only work as good as you. To be associated with a good reference you need to work hard.

References can also mean if your already know someone who works at the company or organisation you are applying for. That helps you being visible to the hiring manager of the company.

3.6   A renowned insti tag (institute)

I am from ABC College of engineering. Please hire me as your intern.

That didn’t work? Many big brand names like Microsoft and Yahoo hire interns through the top level institutes like IITs or NITs only, because they’ve limited positions and other considerations.

The same with applying to foreign institutes and companies, they look for brand names, not always, but preference is there.

Its last on the list, a name tag of institute helps but it’s not the defining factor.

So, be happy and prepare ahead!

4     Tips

  • If you do not possess the qualities or requirements, work on them, before getting into the race.
  • Utilize your time exploring and thinking about short and long term plans for your career.
  • You cannot go for a run at Olympics in a weeks’ time. Its take hard work and pre-paration.
  • Do what you think is right, not what your peers think is right.
  • Fun is not only in having nice time having chai and chatting with your friends. It’s also in building yourself up from ground. Why have only one kind of fun, when you can have two or more?

P.S.: Article is not proofread and may contain spelling and grammatical errors. Please stay CALM.


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  1. Nice article :) Loved the way you presented the points in a specific order. This will really help the third year or final year students looking to intern at a decent place.

    Good going dude :)

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