Training at the Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur

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  • Name: Manvir Singh Kandhari, Mechanical’14
  • Institute: JEC Jabalpur
  • Type: Training
  • Duration: – weeks
  • Year: 2013
  • Stipend Available: Yes
  • Applicable for: Mechanical / Production
  • Domain: Production / Assembly / Manufacturing
  • Organization interned with: Gun Carriage Factory (GCF), Jabalpur

I did my Vocational training twice at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) and once at Gun Carriage Factory (GCF).

To get information regarding the batches, get in touch with the HRD (Human Resource Department) of the respective factory; you can find their contact on the official site of Ordinace Factory Board.

My experience at the GUN CARRIAGE FACTORY : 

The GCF is dedicated for supplying defence equipment to the armed forces of our nation. It’s a great place to understand the production processes too. I have a liking for weapons, and so understanding how they are manufactured, assembled and overhauled was interesting for me.

We worked on and assembled Shot-guns, learnt about 51 mm and 81 mm mortars, got acquainted with the Prahari and Kawach of the Navy (at the ADG shop). Metal treatment shop was a new experience too, wherein we learnt about the chrome plating of equipments and parts; its amazing to be there as there, things are upto precision of microns.

I was lucky as the Prototypes of Dhanush were being built there for testing and i spent most of my days there, working for the 155 mm Howitzer- “Dhanush” project, under Mr. Someone. He is a great guide, and those who indeed want to learn and experience should try to meet him and work under him, he is a person who really makes you put your brains to action.
Being a part of this project was great and we also had an opportunity to meet German technicians and understand the working of the INS who were here to upgrade it ( as the Dhanush got upgraded to 52 cal from 49 Cal)
From 2014 onwards, there shall be production of Dhanush as it has cleared all the tests successfully.

There are things which would interest you, like the EDM (Electronic discharge machines), big CNC’s, metal composition analysing machine, the TIG and MIG welding processes and trapenning.

Both the experiences were good, they helped a lot in understanding practical implications of what we have studied and helped in the job interviews as well.

So I would say that getting into such prestigious organisations is a big opportunity which you wont ever get once you complete your college, so when you have an opportunity, do apply, take it seriously, and enjoy it.

Leave your comments below, I’ll be glad to answer your questions. :-)


4 Comments to Training at the Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur

  1. sumit kumar

    hi manvir , i am sumit kumar from Dehardun , i am in 3 year of mechanical engineer from dit and i am willing to get training from VHF or CGF . so what is the proceed to apply in it ?
    what is a eligible criteria ?

  2. Anant Mehrotra

    This article was pretty helpful and i really wish to pursue my training in VFJ, can you please help me in the procedure of how to apply ?

    It will be very nice on your par

  3. bhupendra kumar

    hi manvir , i am bhupendra kumar from Dehardun , i am in 2nd year of mechanical engineer from tulas institute and i am willing to get training from VHF or CGF . so what is the procedure to apply in it ?
    what is a eligible criteria ?

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