Summer Training at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur

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  • Name: Manvir Singh Kandhari, Mechanical’14
  • Institute: JEC Jabalpur
  • Type: Training
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Year: 2013
  • Stipend Available: Yes
  • Applicable for: Mechanical / Production
  • Domain: Production / Assembly / Manufacturing
  • Organization interned withVehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ), Jabalpur

I did my Vocational training twice at Vehicle Factory Jabalpur (VFJ) and once at Gun Carriage Factory (GCF).

To get information regarding the batches, get in touch with the HRD (Human Resource Department) of the respective factory; you can find their contact on the official site of Ordinace Factory Board.

One thing I am sure of, it really helped me at many places. Not only do the vocational trainings help you to understand the practical applications of what we study, but also help us understand the problems and complexities of processes, situations and upgradation which otherwise seem simple theoretically.

Also gives an opportunity to understand the “Jugaad” (improvisation) which indeed is mind-blowing and its during the training that we realise that these “Jugaad” are indeed helpful in lowering production costs and in the implementation of concepts like “6-Sigma” which we read about. Its the period in which we realise what is the importance of job shop planning, the inventories, job scheduling and work in progress inventories. Also helps us in realising where things are going wrong and where the scopes of improvement lie.

Well getting to VFJ is a bit difficult as compared to getting a seat in the GCF Jabalpur, but i can assure you, it is rewarding.

VFJ primarily is a factory dedicated to fulfil the demand for vehicles by the Indian Army and the Ministry of Defence (for Naxalite prone regions).
There are many things which are jaw-dropping for the Machine lovers…

If you get a chance to be a Trainee at VFJ, do spend a day at the LPTA assembly line, it is one of the latest of its kind. You would get to know everything about how a truck is assembled, right from the riveting of it’s frame to the the final roll-out of the completed chassis.

The UTD tank’s V-12 engine’s overhauling section is good too, the best part of that engine is that it is Purely mechanical, not even a single electronic chip in it, was supplied by the Russians, and still works well (as they are overhauled after every 500 working hours)

The Stallion section is good too, there are a few bullet-proof buses lined in that section. TAL (Transmission assembly line) section is a must visit section. No place in the world would be better to understand the working and assembly of differential, gear box and auxiliary gear box.

Heat treatment section of the factory is fantastic, if possible, meet Mr.Someone there, he is a master of his work, and has been there for the 2 years I had been up at VFJ, he is very cooperative and generally adjusts the flow rates so that the trainees get an opportunity to see the quenching process. Also try to visit the automated heat treatment machines there.

Last but not the least, the MPV’s (Mine protected vehicles) are great, they dont have a frame, are based on a hull and you would possibly see such huge presses, plasma cutters, and water-jet cutters for the first time there.
Overall the VFJ has loads to offer for those who are interested in learning.
And yes, let me inform you that the VFJ has the biggest tool-room in Asia, and it has Zero-Rejection, a must visit.

Students who would be going in the year 2014-2015 will be lucky as the BS-4 standards are to be adopted therein. And being a part of the process would be fantastic.


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  1. shubham wahane

    hiiiii…… i am a mechanical 4th sem student of itm university raipur ,want to do intership at vehicle factory jabalpur .How can i apply for it .please help me

  2. Hi, Manvir, can you please tell me the procedure to apply in VFJ and GCF for industrial training?

  3. umang jaiswal

    Respected sir,

    I “umang jaiswal” pursuing BE from “SWAMI VIVEKANAND COLLEGE OF ENGG.” want to do industrial training in summer vacation as we have to do for our 7th sem which help me out in this subject. Please allow me to do training of 20 days. It will be a privilege and honour for me to get knowledge from you company. I hope you will do the needful and reply me as soon as possible so that i may carry on with this training session. if possible ring up to inform me about it.

    Thanking you Yours sincerely
    umang jaiswal
    Contact no. 9098886634

  4. Narendra sahu

    sir, I am student of BE(Mechanical) 3rd year,I want doing vocational training of one month from your factory for better knowledge& fullfillment my degree.So please sir tell me for training.

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