Summer Training at Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL India)

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Bhilai Steel Plant

  • Name: Ashvary Jain, Mechanical 2014 batch
  • Institute: JEC Jabalpur
  • Type: Training
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Year: 2013
  • Stipend Available: No
  • Applicable for: Mechanical / Production
  • Domain: Steel Making
  • Organization interned withBhilai Steel Plant – Steel Authority of India (SAIL)

APPLYING for the internship – How, When, Where?

  • For Summer Training, forward your application to them by March. One can either post or submit it personally.
  • However, Important thing is that SAIL has a policy of providing VT/internships only to the children of SAIL employees, externals are not allowed. But being a sarkari place, ‘jugaad’ and ‘pehchan’ can always make a path.
  • If you have any relative or relatives’ relative/friend working there (or any other SAIL plant), best option is to give your VT application to them and ask it to forward it personally to HR department. A little of jugaad and request can do everything.
  • After all applications are received, they release a list of selected students and the start date of training of various batches (you must report first day)
  • Now, worse thing is that list is displayed on HR dept notice board, so only possible way to find you name is to manually go there are look. Here, again your relative/ pehechan wale uncle could help and inform you via phone itself.
  • PS: Application process is free

Interview Process

  • In most Sarkari places they don’t take interviews. Just try best to get your name selected in the list.
  • The only selection criteria for them is to select students who are ward of employees or some way related to them. So, you know what to do.

In ONE LINE, express your Overall Experience about your internship?

  • Overall experience was amazing.
  • A first hand experience to see how big: things could be. Tonnes is treated like Kilograms there.


  • All Bhilai Steel Plant employees have a great knowledge sharing attitude.


You could do two types of training.

1) Simple training –

  • It involves visiting different departments and understanding the whole steel making and finish goods making process.
  • This training is free of cost. HR dept gives a schedule according to which you could go to different depts. on different dates. Every dept. has training officer who then allots you a guide to explain you processes in that mill/plant.

2) Project based training –

  • This is the training I did. Fees is Rs 500 for a month. In this training one have to work on a specific project topic of a given dept.
  • Project is basically a study, research and statistical analysis work on specific topic. We (group of 6) were allotted Blast Furnace dept and our project topic was ‘Study of High Top Pressure operation in Blast Furnace 7’. In project training a guide is allotted (Mr. Manish Tiwari for us) who teaches you the whole working in the dept/mill/plant.
  • Apart from this you can also go to different departments to learn other process just like mentioned in Simple Training above.
  • Best thing being a project trainee is you could enter in any mill/plant/chamber/section to see any process saying that you need to see it for you project study. Our guide used get all permissions beforehand by calling his coworkers, so we were allowed to visit anywhere in whole plant.


  • Official time of training was 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM , but one can come and go anytime. If someone is doing simple training, no one even cares if you are coming or not. For project training you just need to sync timings with your guide.
  • We generally use to go by 11:00 AM. Either we used to go to our guide (if he asked to meet) else we used to roam around and see different parts of plant.
  • In one day its only possible to see one dept. So, we went to Coke Ovens, Blast Furnace, Steel Making Shop, Continuous Casting Shop, Bloom and Billet Mill, Rail Mill, Plate Mill etc, one in a day.
  • Meanwhile, few days in a week we use to go to our guide who taught us about Blast Furnace and High Top pressure operation in detail with GCP visits.
  • In free time we also use to rag students of next batch who came to training 15 days after us and weren’t able to find their dept. location.
  • Evenings generally used to be free. Nothing great was there to do in city so we just used to roam around or hangout in Chaopati in Sector 6.


  • As BSP in an integrated plant, one learns about steel making from scratch to finished goods.
  • Working of various machines and concepts about which we learned in theory.
  • As my project also dealt with statistical analysis through regression, also learned about analysing, processing and making conclusions from data.
  • How to deal and work together with typical government employees and get the work done by just being nice.
  • How to beg for lift from anyone (else travel by foot for avg. ~5 Km everyday)


  • Students from all over the country comes in BSP for training, so you will have a good time making friends and learning abusive words in different language.
  • As 70% of the people living in Bhilai works in BSP you can easily get lift to the plant from any corner of the city. To travel elsewhere there are always city bus and autos.
  • Durg is just 20 min away from Bhilai, which is a larger and better city to enjoy. Bhilai in itself has nothing more than Steel, smoke and now many engineering colleges.
  • Food is decent. You can go to chowpati in sector 6 to have all kind of food.
  • Accommodation could easily be found. Hostels and rooms have grown like mushroom there.

Do you think your training or internship helped you professionally or personally ?

  • As universally known, there is no good campus visits yet in JEC from Core companies. So till now its hard to tell if this has benefited me professionally.
  • However, personally it did helped me coping with my relatives who are always interested in my life even more than my parents.
  • Doing training from Govt. organisation has benefits similar to doing BE from Govt. college, kuch ho na, kehne aur sunne me achcha lagta hai.

Pre-Placement Offered : No
Rate your internship/training: 9/10
Would you recommend it to your friends, juniors? : Yes

ANYTHING ELSE that wasn’t asked here?

  • Be prepared to loose weight by walking or just lie on the road unless someone stops and gives you lift.
  • Don’t think about going to Steel Melting shop and plate mill without lift. Going there is like running two marathons.
  • Helmet given there is a saviour, don’t remove it.

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22 Comments to Summer Training at Bhilai Steel Plant (SAIL India)

  1. hi , i am from andhra pradesh mother tongue is telugu … i would like to internship at BSP …but i am worried about my language because i dnt know hindi much …. how can i overcome this problem ???

    • Ashvary Jain


      You can manage if you know English and little bit of Hindi. Many people from south also come for training.

      • Janmjay patel

        I am mechanical branch student appering in 2nd year from kalinga university naya raipur. Can i Join for training.

  2. none of my family members had been employee in your firms…how could i apply for internship…
    pls give me a solution….

  3. How & when apply for training internship in bhilai steel plant….my branch s electronics&communication

  4. Ashvary Jain

    For everyone who have query on how to apply for training internship –

    You can either post your application to their HR dept. or could manually go and submit it.
    As far as I know, they take students who are ward of SAIL employees.. So if you have any relative/friend then only it would be possible to crack internship.

    If you have no one in contact related to SAIL, all you can do in manually go to their HR dept and plea and beg for it. If they get convinced they could take you by making you ward of some random employee (given that employee agrees for it)

  5. my exams got delayed to 30th june… what if i apply for training in the month of july-august..?
    will they still offer us training?

  6. Hulas Ram Manjhi

    Hi….. I am Hulas Ram Manjhi from janjgir (C.G). I am a MBA student in International Institute of Business Studies Bangalore. I would like to internship at BSP, how could I apply for internship, please give me suggestion…… plz plz rply

  7. the only thing I am worried about is …. is it worth it to attend a 1 month training without being sure ,how it could be useful ?!


    I’m a mechanical engineering 4th semester’s student. I want to know that how to apply for vocational training in sail bhilai??? Tell me the process for it…

  9. Arindam Mukherjee

    I am student of B.Tech 1st year. I would like to do a training in BSP. I have no “Jugaad”. How can I try to go there for training.

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