Summer Internship at – Venture Hire Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Name: Mayank Kumar, CSE 2015
  • Institute: JEC Jabalpur
  • Type: Internship
  • Duration: 7 weeks
  • Year: 2013
  • Stipend Available: Yes
  • Applicable for: Computer Science / IT
  • Domain: Web Development
  • Organization interned withVenture Hire Education Services Pvt. Ltd.

APPLYING for the internship – How, When, Where?

  • VH Education Services Pvt. Ltd. (Venturesity) provide education and hiring services. I came to know about them through our college seniors –> applied so that they could introduce me to some startup. But ended up being an intern for them!
  • Regarding the HOW TO part you should apply at different online sites mentioned in ‘s blog post
  • Or, the best thing you can have is a referral. Rush through your contacts, college alumni and friends of friends.
  • The best time to start applying for an internship is from late January.

In ONE LINE, express your Overall Experience about your internship?

  • People who sit along till 4 to discuss ideas.
  • Startups teach you the difficult lessons of life.
  • You will know how to get things done the right way.


  • Quality Work –> Free Food — >Free Stay –> Travel Allowances –> Weekends! – What more fun can it be? :-)


  • Fun things apart, you have to be very technical in your work.
  • The first thing is to learn about the version control the company is using. Mostly its ‘Git’ but many other organizations use svn or mercurial. Learn them fast.
  • Learn about text editors (emacs, sublime or vim will do).
  • There was three things I was supposed to do or better say help them out

1. Help in building their courses website ( )
2. Create a learning platform using Moodle. ( they never used it still 😛 )
3. To create a multi way Interview platform using Node.js and WebRTC which can be run in modern browsers without any plugin . It included text conversations, video calling and code tests.


  • Wake up at 8 AM
  • Reach office by 9 AM
  • Breakfast
  • Code it out
  • Lunch
  • Code again
  • Laugh + fight + Eureka Moments
  • Snacks
  • Code again + coffee + coffee + Blues.
  • Feel your school friends, Meetup at forum mall 😀
  • Dinner
  • Back to home
  • Discussions with mentor. Work again till you sleep.


1. How important is to work in an orderly manner. I’m focusing on it again “Learn to use version control”. Else one day you would screw up everything 😛
2. What startups teach MNC don’t. The heart Entrepreneurs have the big office people can never have!
3. Its not about getting rich its about being happy.
4. Node.js, d3.js, WebRTC, BrainFuck, Amazon Web Servers, Mooshak, Moodle, Git.
5. Attended Reverse Pitch at Microsoft Accelarator, NextBigWhat’s Unpluggd.


  • FRIENDS: School friends are always awesome!
  • FOOD: My mentor was a chef. Served drinks when you get up from bed :D. Went to endless restaurants. Sab free ka khana 😉
  • TRAVEL: Never miss weekends. Coorg, Nandi Hills, Kerela, Tirupati
  • CITY: ISKON temple, Orion Mall, Snow City, Laser Fight, Phoenix Mall, Mantri Mall, Taj Vivanta, Brigade Road 😉 …

Do you think your training or internship helped you professionally or personally ?

  • Obviously I do.
  • You will make contacts, interact with people. As a person I am very hesitant talking to strangers. Even now I am, but for students who could express their hearts out fluently its good in a broad way.
  • Plus you will learn to code with each scolding you get from your mentor.

Pre-Placement Offered : No
Rate your internship/training: 9/10
Would you recommend it to your friends, juniors? : Yes

ANYTHING ELSE that wasn’t asked here?

  • Please be focused during your interviews. Brush up your skills before applying for one. Else you will end up on a bitter note as some of the entrepreneurs are rude.
  • It take some time to prepare, You will receive other stories from my friends. It will further clear your doubts.
  • And yes you can eat my brains out any time you want, regarding everything.

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