Life@JEC: An year in the life of JEC Jabalpur 2012

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A year in the life of JEC Jabalpur.

JEC turned 65 this year, and here is what changed.

The session started with the celebration called JaShan (pun intended) and once again every JECian took pride in the greatness of the JEC alumni. Finally someone decided to add a splendid auditorium to the otherwise decaying campus!

After it was inaugurated on 16th July 2012, JaShan instantly became the new hot-topic in campus, the new target for mobile cameras, the new addition to everyone’s Facebook profile, everyone loved to boast about it to anyone who would listen. Everyone gradually became ‘proud’ of being a JECian.

A month after the inauguration of the new auditorium, the college magazine was ready to be served. The e-magazine was launched in the new auditorium on August 14th and was a welcome change in JEC. After all, we hadn’t had any magazine in fifty odd years. Okay, we didn’t get a hard copy but we cannot help but appreciate the Swarnima team for their efforts.

With all these events happening, all that was needed was a place to gather and talk about it all (or simply, talk, you know).
And shortly, the JEC Canteen (Amrai) was re-opened, and it completed the campus picture like a long-missing jigsaw piece. No more whining: “humare college mein canteen nahi hai”.
Added to it were reconstructed roads and shortly, basketball courts.

Soon we would see “enthusiastic JECians” walking all over the campus, some even in JEC apparel. Who would have thought of all this in JEC a year ago?

And of course, who would have thought there would be a full-fledged college fest like Aagaaz?
Aagaaz, even a bigger success than its predecessor Cruzade, was a delight to the students, especially the 1st yearites. (They really didn’t see that coming!)

Also planting firm roots this year were the JEC Photographic Society, Aazaan (Theatre Club), and Aaroh (Music Club). Flourish, if you can.
It has been a very positive year for us, and the future is better.
The campus is echoing with the TEDx buzz.
Swarnima has evolved into Abhiyaam. (A play on “Abhiyantriki Mahavidyalay”, not misspelled Abhiyaan as we tend to think).

There are plans to execute, improvements to be made, and most importantly, faith in JEC to be kept alive.

Onwards On Wings.

– Apoorva P. (IT’15)


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