Internship Story of E&TC Alumnus at DMRC – New Delhi

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  • Name: Gaurav Singh, AlumnusElectronics 2012 batch
  • Institute: JEC Jabalpur
  • Type: Internship
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Year: 2011
  • Stipend Available: No
  • Applicable for: Electronics
  • Domain: Signalling
  • Organization interned withDelhi Metro Rail Corporation

APPLYING for the internship – How, When, Where?

  • Choose the department you want to apply for and drop a mail to manager concerned.
  • Usually decide early and start this process at least 4 months before your internship period.

Interview Process

  • None, but you might receive a call from manager/in-charge for a brief discussion.

In ONE LINE, express your Overall Experience about your internship?

  • Best working environment, superb engineers and feeling of working in a MNC though a Government body.


  • Any discussion about Delhi is incomplete without discussing about Delhi Metro. Being an intern and understanding how this engineering marvel works is a delightful experience. You get to see a lot of things that you have already read about or may not be even aware that they exist.

For me this internship gave me many firsts in life like

  1. Visit to an actual server room with precisely controlled temperature, security and data hose.
  2. Understanding fully redundant, fail safe environment. Given the nature of service involved you can imagine how complex things would have been.
  3. First time I saw .csv files of size in GB compared to my all previous few kb files I had seen.
  4. Understanding how much planning it takes to implement a system end to end and then manage it efficiently.


  • As an intern we were supposed to understand complete signalling flow of DMRC. Afterwards we were given 2 small applications that needed to be developed based on understanding.


  • Wake to office at 09:00 AM and leave at 05:00pm.
  • 3 days a week.


  • Signalling systems


  • Do I need to say anything about Delhi 😉

Do you think your training or internship helped you professionally or personally ?

  • Yes! Definitely. DMRC helped me to understand importance of planning things and how a important planning is in project execution.
  • Although I am no more working in electronics field but when ever I travel through Delhi Metro it is a great feeling recalling how things are working internally.

Pre-Placement Offered : No
Rate your internship/training: 9/10
Would you recommend it to your friends, juniors? : Yes

ANYTHING ELSE that wasn’t asked here?

  • I suffered from food poisoning thrice in my 28 days stay.
  • So if you are planning for an internship in Delhi try not to stay in Paharganj.

Leave your comments below, would love to answer your questions. :-)

Gaurav Singh is one of the most known guys from Jabalpur Engineering College he has always contributed to our institute. . He’s also a geek and an amazing coder having done many projects since his college days, now working at LT Research in B’lore.


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    i want to do four week internship in DMRC or highway construction in simplex. what will be the procedure

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