Internship story – IT’15, JEC @BrowseBoard, New Delhi

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  • Name: Nishant Gaurav, IT’15
  • Institute: JEC Jabalpur
  • Type: Internship
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Year: 2013
  • Stipend Available: Yes
  • Applicable for: Computer Science / IT
  • Domain: Web Development
  • Organization interned with: Browseboard, New Delhi

Until the mid of fourth semester I was unsure whether to go for an internship or vocational training, since I wanted to do something that would give me good insight of Web Designing I made up my mind to do an internship in Web Design. So I blazed up my CV and filed it in some major sites hoping for the best. Start-ups were my keen interest as most Start-ups are majorly dependent on their interns.

The first month was an absolute disappointment as nothing converted in my favour, I tried to find the root cause of it and finally landed up concluding that my CV was not up to the mark so I went on to spice it up. I analysed my skill set and listed it accordingly, included the links of the work samples that I have done previously and finally after a week or so I got calls from handful of Start-ups wanting to set up an interview. I shortlisted few Start-ups based on my skill set and the work I desired to do, in the end it came down to three Start-ups named Imaginate, Vindowshop and Browseboard. I went on to the interview with all of them and to ‘my surprise’ got selected in all three 😛 It was pretty difficult to select a Start-up among the three, but since Browseboard was in its most initial stage, I thought it would be best suited for me.

I joined in a day later and after exchanging some e-mails, my stipend and compensation were discussed for the next two months. I was excited and nervous as I did not know how things are going to shape up in the next two months or so.

The first day itself was hectic as the task assigned to me required a lot of things which I didn’t know by then and after sessions of streaming through Stackoverflow, JSFiddle things got a bit clear. During my stay at Browseboard I worked on some of the most popular Front-end frameworks, researched the recent design trends, designed various web pages, learnt Version Control with Git and worked on CodeIgniter (a PHP framework). The best part of working in a Start-up is that everyone remains in the same ground whether it is your employer or the fellow interns, every one remains in sync. There is seamless transfer of ideas between the components.
In all this was a truly inspiring and passionate journey for me. The work and travelling (make sure it is reimbursed) will surely be an unforgettable experience in any internship.

Wish you all the best for your internship! :-)

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