JEC Alumni Meet-up @Hyderabad – June 2013

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“Government Engineering College”. Yes! GEC or should I say Golden Engineering College. :) A bit too dramatic, right! JEC as we call it now, does have a golden history. And the people who’ve studied here, they have far more interesting stories to tell than you can imagine. Needless to say, our alumni are the leaders, innovators, visionaries and last but not the least, they are “engineers” who have engineered our country and this world, and still are continuing with it.

JEC Alumni meet-up @Hyderabad aimed at bringing together the wonderful people who have studied at the same classrooms where we study now. To bring a pause into the ever-increasing pace of our lives, this was an attempt to begin a culture of networking with each other and contribute back to the institute in some way.

The initiative was taken by me, , I am still an undergrad at JEC Jabalpur. I planned this during by internship at Hyderabad.

the meet

There are more than hundreds of alumnus who are working at Hyderabad, but since its difficult to know or contact them, the numbers of people who’ve attended the meet came down to just a handful.

Seven inspiring alumni, like the  7 notes of music, made the evening an everlasting experience.

Sudhir Chiplunkar (1987)
CK Prasad (1990)
Jyoti Shailendra (1990)
Uma Shankar Sahu (1990)
Jayant Mishra (1990)
Arvind Patel (2008)
Aditi Vohra (2001)

I should say for the numbers to resemble the 7-notes of music, many attendees were cancelled :)

The meet was indeed a huge success, the happiness was spread in the air and smiles on every face by seeing their batchmates once again, meeting the juniors and seniors. Talking about their lives, work and family, cherishing the experiences, all had when they were at the college,  their anecdotes made them laugh and cheer, and sitting amidst them I was happy to be accomplished at the very small task, which is actually visible.

An interesting thing about the work cultures in the Western an Eastern countries was brought to the table by Sudhir Chiplunkar. Everyone was wishing in their minds that they could also have the Friday as a half day as in Europe :)

Jyoti Shailendra leads a division at Wipro and she was discussing how the situations are there for the women in the Industry, and managing things being  a mother of two.  Well she met Aditi Vohra who runs an amazing Paper Crafts business from home, and got a like minded pal, I suppose. You should go ahead and search for ‘Paper Creations by Aditi’, and see her beautiful crafts. And, yes! Jyoti is thinking of doing something of our own related to education and training, and she is looking for the right partners to do so.

Uma Shankar Sahu shared his thoughts about the education industry. Arvind Patel told us an amazing anecdote from his placement drives at JEC.

We also talked about how the improvements are coming up back at the institute, the various events and developments and things which should be taken notice of.

Evening ended with another round of tea and cookies. Aah.. the ambiance and snacks made it a beautiful evening and a time well spent. Looking forward to doing the same again :) . Special thanks to C K Prasad who helped us arrange this place.

a ‘Call’ to the alumni

The sole purpose of holding up the meet was to bring to your notice the effect it has on our lives and to take the lead and keep organising such meets at various parts of India and the world where ever you are. You are ubiquitous, young and old,  we as a “whole” can do possibly anything. Most of us do realise this, but the busy lives takes us back to where we are. It is difficult to take out time and do this, but I hope one of us can do it for the others. It is your responsibility to keep close to each other and mine.

I hope to see numerous events and meet-ups happening in coming times, also your presence at the institute.

“To be honest, I hope to inspire you, as you inspire me.”

I thank everyone who’ve come to this meet, and those who weren’t able to come.

– For any queries, contact using email.
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(you may contact me for any details or connecting with the people who were in this meet)



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