TEDxJECollege: Coming Soon!

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Another big and happening news. Isn’t it? TEDx is an international event that is going to be held in coming months at Jabalpur Engineering College. It is really a great opportunity for TED or TEDx audience in Jabalpur to have it in their city itself. If you don’t know about TEDx, then you ought to know how interesting and important role it plays. Go here: https://www.ted.com/pages/about_tedx. All the TED & TEDx videos are on their official site/youtube, watch and learn.

The TEDxJECollege organiser is the happening student Ankit Chansoria (4th year, CSE, JEC), always been a forerunner in taking initiatives at JEC Jabalpur, last seen was CRUZADE the intra-college techfest, and follows a long list. We congratulate Ankit for getting the license from TEDx and being the host. Hoping to see his charm very soon.

There can be only 100 attendees at this event. Only invited people can attend this TEDx Talk as there is a limit on number of attendees, more information about invitations will be updated soon.

Speakers, invitations, volunteering, sponsership and other information about TEDxJECollege is going to be announced soon and will also be displayed on the official website (not announced), fb page and twitter handle.

Follow this TEDx:
twitter.com/TEDxJEC – twitter Hashtag is #TEDxJEC

PragyanJEC is going to cover the whole event and will bring you the Ins and Outs of it.
So, keep in touch 😉

P.S. Image Credits for banner: Apoorv Anand


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