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Introduction: JEC Jbp Online Services Portal

In 2011, Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur (Formerly GEC, Jabalpur) followed the footsteps of RGPV, Bhopal and introduced ONLINE EXAM FORM FILLING and EXAM FEES PAYMENT for the first time in JEC Jabalpur.

This has made the whole examination process incredibly simpler, easier and faster for both students and administration. It has proved its effectiveness since over one and a half years. Your exam form is nothing but a Pre-filled electronics form, which you have to select, confirm and pay the exam fees. A few clicks and you are done with the process.

How to fill exam form and pay the fees ONLINE?

STEP 1: Requirements

• You must have registered a JEC JABALPUR Portal Account with a username and password, with all your details filled in correctly and photo and signature submitted.

• A UBI Internet Banking – ACTIVE account.

STEP 2: Logging-in to JEC Jabalpur Portal Account

• Visit:

• Type in your user ID, i.e. your ROLL NO.; eg: 0201CS101022

and your secret password.

• If you’ve forgotten the password, you can recover it by clicking on the “forgot password link”.

You can see the Student Login section at LEFT-BOTTOM of the page.

STEP 3: Click on STUDENT SERVICES as shown below:

STEP 4: Filling  Form

• At the right, navigation links are present, CLICL on FILL-EXAM FORM.

• You’ll see now the Left bigger part of the page as it is seen below. Until now only the EXAM FORM PREREQUISITES is visible.

• Now, you have to select the EXAMINATION SESSION, which is usually already selected as the current session month-year.

• Click on SEARCH. Wait a few seconds while the page loads. The page will not refresh, on the part below will appear as STUDENT PERSONAL DETAILS.

• As visible, everything is prefilled.

• You can see the last block as STUDEN CURRENT STATUS. Select the Radio button in the SELECT Column. And again there is a loading happening.

• Now, you’ll be able to see a dialog, below the last block that: I accept Terms and Conditions, there is a CHECK BOX, click on the box to check.

• And now GO TO PAYMENT.



Note down the details on this PAGE on a paper, or click a photograph of it. Or use the Windows 7 Snipping tool, or however you want to do it.

This will serve as a reference if anything goes wrong in the Online Payment.

PAYMENT: Now be cautious!

• Payment is available only via UNION BANK OF INDIA – Internet Banking.

• Please, now be careful whatever you are doing.

• Note down every Transaction ID or Order ID you come across, save the web page or print it when possible. This helps to resolve if anything goes wrong.

• Keep your Internet Banking Credentials i.e. User ID, Password, and Transaction Password READY before filling up forms. By doing this you’ll avoid unnecessary panic and trouble that may arise.

• Also, ensure that you’ve enough Balance in your Bank Account before filling the form.

Filling at CYBER-CAFEs or CYBER CAFÉ wala filling your form???..


• (We do not mean to make a BAD business for any businessmen out there, but the following information is very much true)

• Yes, it is not absolutely SAFE and GOOD (for you) to fill forms at Cyber Café.

• The major disadvantage is that he accesses your details which are considered as HIGHLY PERSONAL to many standards of the world. You might not know about Identity Theft, but google about it, and you’ll know the graveness about it.


• You cannot be sure, if the CYBER CAFÉ wala is going to support you or help you if anything goes wrong in the whole process.

• CYBER CAFÉ WALAA is a businessman and not your friend, so don’t give your trust to them.

• It is better to let your friend/senior help you with the Payment part.




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